Will it make my teeth sensitive?

Not at all! Our formula has been specially developed to ensure that you will not encounter any sensitivity.

How long will my results last?

Without maintenance, results will last between 3-4 weeks depending on your diet and/or consumption of dark foods and drinks like alcohol and coffee. Applications every 2 weeks is recommended to maintain your results.

Where do you ship?

We ship to over 190+ countries with standard Free shipping. 

Shipping Conditions

All orders will be dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days.

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How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit?

  1. Gently brush teeth with toothpaste
  2. Take both batteries out of the LED Light, remove plastic and reinsert the batteries with the writing side facing up
  3. Attach the mouth tray to the led light
  4. Twist off the gel syringe cap and apply 1/4 of the gel to the top face of the Mouth Tray and 1/4 to the bottom face of the mouth tray (the part that comes into contact with the front of your teeth)
  5. Put it in your mouth and turn the light on
  6. Whiten for 15 minutes, the LED light will automatically turn off after this time
  7. Rinse you mouth out with water to remove excess Gel
  8. Smile!
  9. Repeat for six consecutive nightly applications

Will it make my teeth sensitive?

Not at all! Our formula has been specially developed to ensure that you will not encounter any sensitivity.

How does the Kit work?

Our Teeth Whitening Kit includes our whitening gel formula and LED light that delivers results in as little as 15 minutes. Our Teeth Whitening Gel is used to oxidise stains, during which process, smaller and lighter coloured compounds are generated which creates a whitening effect.

How much gel do I use?

We recommend using 1/4 of the syringe on the top and 1/4 on the bottom of the mouth tray (1/2 syringe total). If you find this is too much, you can reduce the amount to suit you.

Why do I need Gel refills?

Our Teeth Whitening Gel Refills are for when you have completed the initial 6-day application process and are now looking to maintain your results. The Gel Refills are for lasting results and are to be used once every 2 weeks.

You will get 6 uses out of the Gel Refills, which is 2 uses per syringe. If you find that this is too much you can adjust it to suit you, however, please note this is our recommended usage to achieve best results.

You will need to use the LED Light & Mouth Tray to whiten your teeth correctly with the gel refills. If this is your first time using IviSmile, our Teeth Whitening Kit is the best option and has everything you need to get started.

Can I continue to use the Kit after the initial 6 applications?

We recommend using the Kit once every 2 weeks to maintain your results.

How many times do I have to use the kit to get results?

You will see maximum results after 6 consecutive daily uses. We recommend using your Kit at night after brushing your teeth.

Can I use IviSmile if pregnant or breastfeeding?

Every pregnancy can be completely different, so we recommend consulting with your Doctor or midwife prior to using IviSmile regarding any health concerns you may have.

Can I share the Kit with a friend?

For hygiene reasons we recommend keeping your IviSmile LED Light & Mouth Tray all to yourself. You can of course share the Gel Refills, however, for maximum results it’s best to use the full course as directed.

Can I use the Kit with braces?

We recommend waiting until your braces are removed before using our Teeth Whitening Kit to avoid uneven whitening. 

You may be able to use the Kit with a retainer however this will depend on the sort of retainer you have. Our best recommendation is to speak with your dentist prior to using IviSmile.

What age do I need to be to use the kit?

Our Teeth Whitening Kit is recommended for ages 12 years and up. If you are under the age of 18 we recommend getting parental consent before purchasing any IviSmile products online.

Does the kit whiten my caps or veneers?

Veneers and caps aren’t designed to be whitened and require special care from your dentist. This also includes crowns, fillings, bridges and dentures. The Teeth Whitening Kit works to remove surface stains from natural teeth.

Does the kit work on crooked teeth?

Yes, our Teeth Whitening Kit is suitable for all teeth. We just recommend applying a small portion of Gel directly to the teeth as well as the mouth tray before application. The mouth tray is made from a soft flexible rubber that fits comfortably to the shape of your mouth and teeth. Our Teeth Whitening Pen is also great for those hard to reach places.

I have excess saliva when using the Kit, what do I do?

A build-up of excess saliva while using our products is completely normal and won't affect the outcome of the whitening process at all. If you find that the build-up of saliva is becoming too much during your applications, simply spit any excess into the sink. Our formula is made with safe ingredients so if you accidentally consume a small amount of Gel during your applications it won’t be a problem.

What is the expiry date for my gels?

We recommend using the gel syringes within 12 months of opening them. Ideally, it’s best to store your product in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight during this time, your bathroom drawer or cupboard is perfect.

What batteries does the LED light take?

The LED light takes 3V coin batteries (CR2450). You can find replacement batteries on Amazon, in your local supermarket, chemist, or department store. 

Is the LED Light waterproof?

No, the LED Light isn’t waterproof as it does contain two batteries. Make sure you detach the mouth tray from the LED Light prior to rinsing.

What is the mouth tray made of?

Our Mouth Tray is made of silicone so it's super flexible to fit any mouth shape or size.


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